Every design starts with a voyage of discovery

Every design, every house style and every pattern starts with a voyage of discovery. A quest for the special story behind the brand. Every company or brand has its own identity, culture and core values. The design studio, Mangoa, reveals these unique qualities. And what is the destination? A powerful design that states what your company or brand stands for and that appeals to your target group.
Designs that are original, creative and recognisable.


Our heart starts racing when we think about creating a new design. It is a wonderful profession and our greatest passion. But what makes our work really great? Our clients! They bring us on a journey into their worlds and turn our work into a fabulous adventure. We love creating designs for the most diverse clients. We work with lifestyle products and sports brands; horticulture companies and master bakers; children’s coaches and housing corporations; social initiatives and art & culture projects. We love it! We usually work with clients for several years. We very much value our long term relationship and it means that we know what is important to our clients and what they believe in. It is rewarding to be able to help organisations move forward. Do you want to know which companies we enjoy working with? See our portfolio!

Proud of these diamonds